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Earwax Removal

Following the end of the NHS Pilot Scheme for Earwax removal using microsuction, whereby we conducted over 1000 successful Earwax removal appointments via referral from local Wandsworth surgeries, Putney Pharmacy are now offering the same service privately to patients. The feedback of our service from patients has been excellent.

As most primary care NHS services have reduced or stopped earwax removal, we have found  patients not knowing where to go, or unable to access services due to mobility issues or the lengthy waiting list.


Our prices are very competitive:

£10 for an assessment (deductible if treatment required), £40 for one ear and £65 for both ears.

All patients are treated in accordance with British Society of Audiology standard operating procedures ensuring patients receive a service in line with the latest recommended practices. Patients’ ears treated  for earwax removal are documented with pictures and notes on our secure patient management system, and so if a patient does need to be referred to the GP we can provide pictures of the ear(s) and notes  which will ultimately help the GP diagnose conditions remotely, thus reducing the pressures on all staff in the GP surgery.

Contact Putney Pharmacy on 0208 788 2431 or pharmacy.fm656 if you have any questions.


We look forward to hearing from you and helping your patients hear again.  

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