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Health Advice

Here you will find a series of excellent resources to get health advice, find NHS services, research conditions, and monitor and improve your health. Please don't hesitate to come and visit us to recieve all this health advice, expertise and more face-to-face in our Pharmacy.

NHS Service Finder

Find NHS services (Hospitals, GP's, Dentists, NHS Sight tests, other Pharmacies, Sexual Health support, Mental Health Support and more below. Simply search by postcode.

Conditions and Treatments

The Health A-Z section below is an excellent resource to learn about conditions and self diagnose. If you are unsure about any conditions, please come in and visit us and speak to a health professional.

Calculate Your Heart Age

The ‘Calculate your heart age’ service compares your real age to your heart age by asking you questions about your health. You’ll also find out how to improve your heart age by making some healthy lifestyle changes.

Live Well

Advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about your health and wellbeing. A fantastic resource to help you stay well naturally.

Check your Blood Pressure

Use this tool to enter your blood pressure reading and find out what it means, along with information on how to reduce a high reading.

BMI Calculator

Use this calculator to check your body mass index (BMI) and find out if you are a healthy weight. Or, use it to check your child's BMI centile.

Your Mind Plan

Your Mind Plan offers practical ideas and advice to help you boost and maintain your mental wellbeing. Answer the quick 5-question quiz and get 5 tailored actions to help you feel more in control, improve your sleep, deal with stress and anxiety, and boost your mood.

Personal Quit Plan

You're more likely to stop smoking with the right support. In 4 easy steps, the Personal Quit Plan tool from Better Health can help you quickly find the combination that's right for you. Give up for 28 days, and you're 5 times more likely to quit smoking for good.

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