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Travel Clinic

Join the hundreds of patients we serve who have trusted us with their vaccinations and travel plans.

FREE Travel consultation

Including advice and information tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Specialist Travel Pharmacist Prescribers.

Ready to offer expert advice.

Anti-Malarial Medication

Available in-clinic without a prescription

Competitively Priced

Travel vaccinations, medication and accessories.

Great Range of Vaccines in stock

Including Yellow Fever, Typhoid, DTP

Same Day Appointments

For last minute travel plans

How It Works

Getting your travel vaccinations couldn't be easier

Book your appointment and fill out the travel form

Visit the pharmacy at the allocated time

The Pharmacist will review your requirements with you

You will recieve any vaccinations and health advice you require

Why Choose Putney Travel Clinic?

At Putney Pharmacy Travel Clinic, whether you are an experienced traveller, first time traveller, or simply going abroad on a business trip, you will be guaranteed to receive professional travel advice from one of our travel specialists.

We provide specialist vaccination service to our travellers with a host of complicated itineraries and medical needs.

Our reputation thrives on our caring approach across all the services we offer.

We have everything you could possibly need for your safe trip abroad including travel vaccinations, malaria tablets, travel accessories and up to date information and advice on travel related health issues.

Why should I visit a Travel Clinic?

Putney Pharmacy and Travel Clinic specialises in helping travellers make the right choices to minimise the health risks they face when travelling abroad.

All the advice given is tailored to suit your individual journey or needs and based on an individual risk assessment, which takes into consideration any pre-existing medical conditions, ongoing treatments, along with your travel itinerary.

Putney Travel Clinic is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and is authorised to administer yellow fever vaccine in accordance with International Health Regulations (2005).

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Protect yourself and make the most of your travels by making an appointment with our expert travel pharmacist.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I visit a Travel Clinic?

When should I visit a Travel Clinic?

Most vaccines take time to become effective and may require more than one dose over a span of several weeks. That’s why you should visit one of our travel clinics at least 6-8 weeks before your departure date. This will give your body enough time to build up an immunity and maximise your travel experience.

However, we know that life doesn’t always go to plan. If you have a last minute or emergency trip come up, we can give you a last-minute appointment to prepare you as best as possible.

How do travel vaccines work?

How do Travel vaccinations Work?

You can obtain a host of protective vaccines prior to any travel as part our Travel Clinic services in London. The vaccines we offer at Putney Travel Clinic cover a wide range of preventable illnesses presenting endemically in different regions around the world. Travel vaccines can either be administered via injections or oral prophylaxis in the case of antimalarials and work to invoke an immune response within your body. This immune response is essentially training to prepare your body in self-defence should you become exposed to any form of preventable illness, either significantly lessening symptoms of anything you may contract or preventing symptoms completely.

How much do travel vaccinations cost?

How much do Travel vaccinations cost?

The cost of travel vaccinations will vary depending on the vaccine, and because we offer so many, it is best to speak with our pharmacists regarding the price of each vaccine specifically. You can expect a price range between £30-90 per dose, with some vaccinations requiring more than one injection to obtain full protection. Our prices are competitive, and you will always know up front what charges you can expect when utilising our Travel Clinic services. You can pay for the vaccinations you receive either in cash or by card for your convenience and a receipt will always be given for your records.

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What vaccines do I need to travel?

What Vaccines do I need to travel?

The expertise of our Travel Clinic pharmacists can help you pair down your options and offer guidance regarding which vaccines might offer you the greatest protection. Which vaccines are recommended for you will largely be based on where you plan to travel and which activities you plan on undertaking. Some countries also require proof of certain vaccinations like Yellow Fever, and we are a certified Yellow Fever Clinic.

How long before I travel do I need vaccinations?

How long before I travel do I need vaccinations?

Different vaccinations require different schedules for appropriate dosage so it is important that you get in touch as soon as you know you will be travelling abroad. It can take time for your immune system to build a sufficient defence response so travel vaccinations are most useful when planned ahead for and, depending on the vaccination, you may require more than one dose before you depart. Generally speaking, you should allow 6-8 weeks before your time of departure for any travel vaccination you may require.

Can I buy everything on my travel essentials list at Putney Pharmacy?

Can I buy everything I need at Putney Pharmacy

Putney Pharmacy is fully stocked with everything you need to travel safely from first aid kits to Imodium, sting and sunburn aftercare, motion sickness medication, pain relief tablets and rehydration sachets so you can successfully plan ahead for those unwelcome moments amidst your adventures. Our pharmacy staff can direct you in store to helpful products and offer recommendations for your travel essentials kit based on who you might be travelling with and where you are going.

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What should I bring with me to my appointment?

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

A list of all the vaccinations you have ever recieved from birth onwards, including any vaccinations received for previous trips for going abroad.

Any records of substances you may be allergic to and a list of regular medications that you currently take.

Your full travel itinerary with the dates and locations you will be visiting or travelling through and how you will travel between them.

Any activities you will undertake.

What happens in my consultation?

What happens in my Consultation?

Risk Assessment - An overview of activities during your trip; accommodation and where you will be exploring, eating and drinking.

Antimalarials - If you are travelling to a high risk malarial area then antimalarials will be advised and a prescription and tablets provided on-site.

Vaccinations - Initial courses started and/or booster shots required according to your travel destinations and previous vaccination records.

Travel Advice - Food and water hygiene, first aid and safe travel.

Alessia Fornari

"A very friendly and knowledgeable pharmacist who helped me with all my jabs and medicines for a gap year to Africa and Asia"

Pippa Morgan

"We always come here for my family's travel vaccinations if we ever go abroad - the whole process is professional, fast and painless!"

Nala Oleyana

"We visit family in Africa often and always come here for our Anti-Malaria tablets as they have the best price and service."
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